Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Matt's evaluation of Digipak

 I think that he digipak is very effective as it has all of the relivant information on it that the audience needs to know. For example the track listings, a website the fans can visit and the record label the band are signed to. The image on the front cover is very strong and immediatly grabs the audiences attention, as the image is so strong we didn't want to overcrowd it with information so we decided to put the name of the band in the top left corner. We also decided to put the name of the album down the spine of the digipak as we didn't feel it would look right on the front or the back of the digipak. As the front image is mainly black and white we wanted to make the back of the digipak might more bright and lively so we used an image of the monopoly money as we used it in our video so thought it would be appropriate to link it in with our digipak as well to help keep the three products linked together and sell them all as a package.

Matt's evaluation of the magazine advert

I think that our magazine advert is very good as it has all the information needed and displays it in such a way that it is not overpowering and pleasing to the eye, as in the foreground we have a strong image that is in focus of the mask and money drawing the audiences attention to them first. In the middle of the picture the album name is in bold, we decided to have the album name and the bands name in black to make it standout from the background which is green in the middle, and pale blue at the top of the picture. In the background of the picture you can see some members of the band but they are walking away from the camera and are out of focus.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Commentary plan

We have decided to alicate a question to each team member:
-Alice- question 1
-Matt- question 2
-Emily-question 3
And we will do question 4 as a group, picking out the main points to elaborate on. We will pick out the 3 main points and each have one to elaborate on. we will print out each of our evaluations the day before and highlight each vital point in different colours depending on the question so we are organized and so we don't have a script so we are not forced to stick to one thing and we can elaborate freely to each point we make.

So overall we are each contributing to each question and we will have a little part of each question. So the person who is talking about the question isn't responsible for that question only. We feel that by doing it this way, we are working well as a group and each contributing equally to the evaluation.

To divide each question we will have a black screen with the question on it and someone of our group reading it out. This will help viewers know what we are talking about and will divide up the evaluation nicely.

As we talk about our point there will be small clips of what we are talking about for visual examples to help viewers know what we are talking about and to involve them more in our work. We will use things such as screen grabs from our video, our digi-pak and magazine advert. This will help communicate our points and engage the audience.

We did have the idea to conduct our evaluation outside with a country backdrop, this would go with our whole project and would fit in with our mise en scene, but as it is the beginning of December, it would be very cold and could effect our work it could also rain and destroy equipment and also the lighting may not be ideal and the tone of the footage could be dull. So we are going to do it in a classroom were there will be appropriate lighting and heating.

Feedback for all on Evaluation

Here is the generic feedback I have been giving everyone - read it as I am sure it will be useful for you all too.

Question One - Start by outlining the conventions of an indie music video, cite some of the examples you looked at and then discuss your own use of those conventions, illustrated by examples. You could benefit from discussing in a bit more detail the conventions of your ancillary texts and which ones you used and any you challenged or developed.
Talk about the choices you made about your engagement with the conventions of indie music videos. Also talk about how you engaged with the form of music videos, obviously it's very different from the narrative video forms you have worked on before. Also talk in detail about specific conventions you used and give examples from your texts. Talk about the video, the magazine ad and the digipak.
Question Two - on the combination of products you talk about the font and the colour design but I want you to talk more about the decision making process and how well you think these three products work as a package. Also talk about the representation of the artist in all three products, do they work in combination to communicate something specific about the artist.
Question Three - Mention all of the points at which you got feedback, pitch, rough cut, final cut, digipak and magazine ad draft and final versions etc. Also talk about peer feedback and using the class as a sample group of your target audience. In addition, talk about the feedback you received from me. Give specific examples in quotes and discuss how you responded to them individually.

Question Four - You need to flesh out this response. How did the technology limit you but also consider how it enabled you to be creative.

Emily's Evaluation.

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

As the song/band we chose to base our media products on is very indie, the usual conventions used in this genre are; to have the band features a lot in the video in order to sell the artist. They are sometimes quite unusual and imaginative videos but often use a straight forward narrative and try to show the different personalities of the band e.g. the ladies man, the 'geeky' one, the Party one etc. I was watching a program not too long ago about the band 'The kings of leon' This interview showed the typical conventions of indie bands, they enjoyed getting drunk, taking drugs, showing their different personalities and contributes to the group and most of all, girls. These are very much the usual conventions that indie groups try to portray within music videos, digi-paks and magazine adverts. By looking at this and other indie bands i now know that our video, digi-pak and advert are very different and do not in fact follow the usual conventions of an indie style band. Our video doesnt show different characteristics of each member of our band as we all play different parts within the performance and we always have masks on, it is a very uniformed piece which is what we intended as we think our song is very much about how the government doesnt treat people as individuals. This is evident when you listen to the lyrics, 'No matter who you vote for, the government always win'. This makes our video unique and memorable and we chose not to follow the usual conventions because of the above. The usual clothing that an indie group would wear is typically; skinny jeans, checkerd shirts, deck shoes/converse/pointy leather shoes or military style boots and a straw trilby hat. As you can see our work doesnt include any of these typical costumes. Instead we have used suits and for the protesters, they wear all black to show no individuality.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?

The three products we have created work exstremly well together, they each use the same tonality of image and texts. They are obveously created as a group as we have used props within the advert which are highly recognisable after watvhing the video or seeing the digi-pak and because they are so unique and different to other bands and do not follow the usual conventions. The main mask used in each of our products is the pig mask because the pigs were the dominant and most powerful characters in the novel 'Animal Farm' so we thought it would be good to keep with the theme and also make the pig seem dominant within our work. It is shown in all three of our products and is eye catching as it is bright pink so its memorable and again, unique. It is good that we have used the same mask as more people will recagnise this specific pig mask and relate it to this band and so they gain more publicity and more people are aware of who they are. As it is so different from usual indie bands people will be talking about it and the public that doesnt know who the king blues are they will hear it by word of mouth. The digi-pak and advert are very abstract for a person that hasnt seen our video so they are quite weird and therefore make them curious to know what it is about and make them want to see the video. They both use bold tones and are not over crowded by text as the images are very strong and so the attention doesnt get taken away or dominated by the writing. Although the images themselves on the digi-pak and magazine advert are very different when looking at things like depth of field and mood. They both use recagnisable probs. I think if the images were too a like we wouldnt have much variety and there would be a risk of being boring.

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

We were very lucky to have lots of positive and constructive feedback throughout our project. This helped us to understand what viewers want to see and not just our group members, it also helped us to improve our video, digi-pak and mag advert as well as letting us know the strongest aspects of them. The main thing we learnt from our audience feedback was to make our video more interesting by using different locations and make it faster pace as some of the clips were very long. we found this very good advice but at first were a little reluctant to change location as we thought it may look out of place and wouldnt be keeping in tone with our farm yard theme. But we were willing to try out anything that could make our video improve. After the second day of shooting we had footage of a pig coming out of an office, it looks very effective and adds variety to our video. We also split up some of the longer shots like the ones of the protesters and put in shots of people in animal masks. This kept the audience interested and maintained their attention throughout the video instead of getting bored and letting their minds wonder. We were also told that it is important to try and change the colour scheme within the video as it was abit bland and boring, so it would improve our ability to engage the audience throught the use of different colours.
This was another bit of feedback we got as a post on our blog:
genre characteristics - Assuming its an indie style song, it has political points in its lyrics. this tends to be typical in indie music with the freedom to say what they want. Likewise there is an indie feel to the video.
intertextuality - The reference to animal farm, and the theme shown throughout wih animals acting as politicians.
lyrics + visuals - The boards showing the lyrics and the fact that there is a vote or debate happening is relavent to the lyrics.
music and visuals - The group of animals/politicians clicking in time with the music. If you wanted to add to this, you could put your cuts in time with the music.
As shown this is mainly telling us what we have done well, although we cannot know for certain how to improve our video from this we are able to understand what we have done well and look back at how we did this and possibly adapt on those good ideas.
Another class feedback we got:
We thought that the white masks seemed to be innapropriate as they did not really sperate from the animal masks in terms of mise-en-scene, if you had changed the location, for example went into the streets and did those shots, you would have a more distinct feeling that they are humans and not animals for those shots.
We did have the idea to do it in a street as opposed to the farm but this was on our first day of filming and we were reluctent to change location. I felt that it was still effective as we used hay to through at the camera to show agression to the farm yard animals and use ther food and bedding as a weapon. We were also told to plan our time more as after the first day of filming we didnt have all the footage we wanted. This however wasnt due to a failiure in planning but to a camera difficulty as unfortunatly a group member thought the camera was rolling when it wasnt and vise versa. However we did have to refilm and luckily we learnt from our mistake and managed to get all the filming finished and we did this very well.
4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

When editing the video I found final cut a very helpful programe to use. I had used final cut before but really got to develop my skills on it when creating our music video, we explored with transitions, filters, sound effects and many more. There is so many different things you can do on final cut so we were able to try out new things that could be a possible hit with our video for example add in sound effects at the beginning and end of geese to give the extra feel of a farm yard. We started off with just the sound effects which didnt sound great as they were very out of the blue and abrupt so after some tweeking of the fade ins and outs we ended up with slow fades so they didnt sound so fake and out of the blue. Final cut also made it a lot easier to lip sync as we could zoom in to get maximum precision and use the marker tool to measure up when the singing starts on the music and the subjects lips are moving. As we filled in the lip syncing parts of our video first and filled in the gaps after, it would go out of sync quite often because the other clips would move the syncing ones, luckily this wasnt too much of a problem though because the markers made it easy to re-do and by saving our work every time we felt apropriate we didnt lose any work.
Another program we found exstremly handy with our digi-pak and magazine advert was photoshop and as i do photography I already has some experience but still got to develop my skills and learnt a lot by doing this project. There is also a very broad variety of features on photoshop so we were able to edit the images as much as we wanted and to get pretty much exactly what we wanted for example, change the colours, tonality, position of subjects etc. The blogger was an excellent way of writing up our research and each of our evaluations after each step of the project we passed. One thing that was quite irritating about the blogger was that we had run out of picture space quite early on in the project so we had to upload them onto flickr and copy the html into the blogger as opposed to just copy and pasting them straight onto the site. This was quite time consuming especially for me as i have never used flickr before but once I got the hang of it, it wasnt a problem.

Overall the project has been a success and I am very proud of my group and I for creating so much work and for putting in so much effort to achieve it.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Matt's evaluation

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
The song we have chosen is by the King blues, who are an indie-punk band. We didn't want to follow the conventions of a usual indie music video, we wanted to break the mould as such, so that is what we did by having an unusual storyline as the main theme of our video. We based our video around George Orwell's Animal Farm this fitted in with some or the lyrics in the song as they are quite political so we decided to play on that and make a mockery of it. Our digipak is quite unusual as well as the front cover is quite imposing, it is a shot of one of the main characters in the video wearing a mask, and we used filters to make it more sinister. The magazine advert in keeps with the theme of animal farm as the masks are in the foreground of the picture with some of the band members in the background. We have deliberately choosen to break the conventions of a indie music video as we wanted our video to look and feel different to other indie bands, one way in which we did this is make all the characters in our video wear masks and suits so the video is plain but light hearted and fun. In a typical indie you would expect to see all of the band members in casual clothes (skinny jeans, shirt, deck shoes/converse and occasionally a straw hat). Our media product doesn't follow Goodwin's theory that a music video should sell the artist or band by including lots of close up shots, so the audience can clearly see who the artist is.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts ?
I feel that as a whole all three of our products do work together well and compliment each other. There is a visual motif throughout all of the products as the masks are present in all of them. There are clear links between all three of our products for example the digipak and the magazine advert have two clear links, those are the masks and the font that the text was written in. The music video also compliments the other products well as it is evident that they are all related and linked to the band. Another feature of all three products is that the identity of all of the bands members is hidden, this helps draw the audience in as they will want to find out who and what the band is about. I think that our main product and ancillary texts are effective together as each of them helps support the other in marketing The King Blues as a fresh new band with a different look and perspective on things. We decided to use very bold images so that it made our products stand out from the crowd and don't fit in with the usual conventions.

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback ?
We did a quiz to find out what our typical target audience would be the answer was a "Rah", this is someone that enjoys having a good time and going out to festivals and social events, they also have there own individual dress sense. This helped in how we were going to make the video look as we had a specific audience base to aim the video at.
Our rough cut feedback was good as the group said that the mise-en-scene was good and fitted in well with the animal farm idea. However it was quite apparent that our filming or editing was not finished on our rough cut as Amar pointed out that our cuts and transitions were too slow and we would find it hard to keep the audiences attention.  In response to Amars feedback we quickend the pace of the cuts and transitions and also shot in different location, in order to keep the audiences attention for longer.  for example skinny jeans, a shirt or polo and plimsoles. Our audience feedback showed that there were very strong links between lyrics and visuals it was said that this was mainly evident when the board with the lyrics on where held up and emily was also lip-syncing. It was also said that we spent to much time in one location, the farm, we decided to take this feedback on board although we had to do more filming as one of the group members accidently didn't film the parts of the video they were supposed to, on the second day of filming we changed locations to add variety to the shots we already had, we filmed at a nearby business park and open field. In response to some of the shots be to long, we were reluctant to change them as the were integral to the storyline, we decided to make them more intresting by slowly fading them from colour to black and white and also reversing some of the clips. For example the clip where a protestor puts a vote in the ballet box.

4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?
During the research stage of our project we used a website called to allow us to see what a typical would look and behave like so that we could aim our music video and the other ancilliary texts at that type of audience. When constructing our music video we used the new sony hd cameras so that the video looked professional, after filming the footage we uploaded it to final cut express. Where we could then edit, add effects and the soundtrack. Final cut express allowed us to try and create the music video that we set out to, as we could make the video look and feel how we wanted it to, by fading from colour to black and white, we could also slow down or speed footage up to quicken the pace of the video. When designing our magazine advert and digipak we used another peice of technology, photoshop this was a very helpful peice of software that allowed us to manipulate the pictures we had taken and make them look how we wanted them to quickly and easily. I feel that all of the new media technologies we used allowed us to fulfill our full creative potential and develop the best music video that we could.

Comparing and contrasting commentaries

-Talking about genre conventions, themes, location, target audience etc
-Each person talks about it individually allowing equal air time and them able to answer questions as they wish
-Illustrated with images. Adding interest
-Quite professional looking-no notes thus constant eye contact engaging and evolving the audience
-Well planned, not repeating themselves
-Ways in which they solved problems with the footage
-Talking about peer feedback in depth
-record label demands
-Points they made are backed up thoroughly
-Using terminology well
-Talking about links with lyrics and visuals giving examples

-Also individually filmed
-It's been divided with narrated questions making what they're addressing very clear
-Also uses stills and images to illustrate their points
-Uses notes, but also giving eye contact
-Seems to be well planned and previously thought through
-Talking about filters, location etc
-They talk clearly
-Questions answered thoroughly
-In depth talk about what they took from audience feedback
-They talk about fonts and different elements in the digipak and magazine ad
-Talk about weather and how it effected filming
-Also uses terminology well
-Talk about lip syncing
-Clearly talking about genre characteristics

-Rather unprofessional start with laughter-clearly not planned
-Good how they have the video playing behind them-though its hard to see
-A lot of hesitating and giggling in comparison with the other two
-One group member dominates the video
-They are engaged with what their talking about
-Some things they say don't make a lot of sense
-Use some terminology also (voyeurism)
-A lot of rustling of paper (also reading notes)
-Not a lot of eye contact
-Not very enjoyable to watch
-Some of the points they make are unclear
-They aren't very prepared
-Too long with badly answered questions and much hesitation and pauses

Final Video

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Alices evaluation

1. Our video challenges the conventions of real music videos in a number of ways:
indie people-In conventional indie music videos, they usually show the band members playing their instruments and clearly display the personalities of the band members. The definition of 'indie' according to the urban dictionary in terms of music is an artist or group 'independent of major labels'. They tend to wear vintage clothing, earthy colours, bottons, plain t-shirts, torn fabric, knitted items, skinny jeans, leather or converse shoes. The whole 'indie' look is supposed to appear effortless and messy yet stylish and on-trend, a very difficult look to achieve! We went against the standard indie dress and went from one extreme to the other with our video, turning the very informal to the very formal uniforms we used. We decided on using the suits as it fitted in with the political theme of the song and the narrative of the video. This may be perceived as a very structured, formal idea, though the location of the farmyard and the use of the masks gives it a more relaxed and friendly ambience. In the protesting scenes, the people are dressed in all black, again wearing masks covering their faces, music videos are usually used as a selling point for the band and tend to take every opportunity to get the band members faces recognised in order to be remembered. In our video, we are perhaps taking a risk by not showing the band members faces, rather than using the video for entirely commercial purposes, we are trying to put across a political message with the assistance of the well known book, animal farm by George Orwell. I feel this will make the video more memorable and henceforth, more talked about.   
The video has an almost sinister feel to it, with the pig men as kind of dictator figures, though we still wanted the video to have a fun, comical edge as well as communicating a more serious message.   
The ancillary texts display a similar theme to the video, in the sense that the animals dominate over the band, though in a more extreme way. In the magazine ad, the masks (primarily the pig) dominate the space as if they're 'taking over' from the people- they seem unimportant, in the blurred distance to the side of the shot. Speaking metaphorically, if the masks were supposed to represent the government, it is as if, the governments priority is with the money and not the people. The people seem like an after thought after the video props in the foreground, the props become a visual theme and are iconic of the album. The digipak also illustrates this, dispite the band member being the main focus, the mask is highlighted in colour with him in black and white communicating the unimportance of the personality behind the mask. This links well with the theme of the album (Government Taking Over) but is also contradicting the role of  a digipak by undermining the importance of the artist.  

2. I feel our video links incredibly well with the digipak and magazine ad, the props we used (masks and monopoly money) in the video reoccur in the images used on both ancilliary texts. The colours (bright primary) and shapes in the video are echoed through the texts making them become very familiar and thus memorable. In both digipak and magazine ad, we have used the same font in black and white linking the two. Another visual theme we kept throughout each product, is the domination of the pig masks, it is frequently shown within the video and is the main image in both ancilliary texts, standing out especially in the digipak being the only colour on the front cover. If a person were to experience the ancilliary texts before the video, I feel they would be intrigued into the content of the video due to the mystery of the colourful animal masks and the relevance of the seemingly random objects. 

3. We found our audience feedback very helpful as we all believed our rough cut was near completion, though through the constructive criticism of our peers, we discovered it needed much work:
-The protesting sections of the rough cut were far to long and dull so we decided they needed cutting up to add interest and new visuals, we dealt with this by adding some of our new footage in to link with the lyrics.
-Another piece of feedback we received was that the separation between animals and humans was not distinguished clearly (in terms of location) which could potentially make the purpose of the white masks unclear- "We thought that the white masks seemed to be inappropriate as they did not really separate from the animal masks in terms of mise-en-scene, if you had changed the location, for example went into the streets and did those shots, -you would have a more distinct feeling that they are humans and not animals for those shots."
-Amar, the media assistant explained to us that to make a music video engaging and hold your audiences attention all the way through, one must be constantly changing the shapes and colours to keep the eye stimulated. We took on this advice when doing our second filming day using new props (phone, monopoly money, brief case and the 20p) and 2 new locations (the field and the office building). He also gave us some advice we chose not to take on- to put clips of the priministers debating- we thought this would detract from the childlike feel to our video and make the political message to obvious making it less though provoking.
-Andrea discussed with us a few ideas for the ancillary texts, she said we needed to have a bold bright image that didn't give too much away but revealed the feel to the video, she had an idea about using the masks as the main image in both as they are very crucial to our video. So we expanded on her ideas making the masks seem as if they are taking over the shot though we still wanted to include band members so decided it should look as if they have discarded the masks and are walking away. 
-When we were at the stage of adding the final touches to the video we asked andrea whether it was at the stages of completion. She thought it would be a good idea to add more filters to make it more interesting, she felt the visuals needed to link more with the lyrics of the song so we decided to duplicate and reverse the part with the vote being placed into the box into one of the protesting scenes when it sais 'no matter who you vote for, the government always wins'. We also decided the colours needed work as they are all fairly similar which could get rather dull, so on the last protesting scene we decided to slowly fade the colour and make it slow motion. 
All this feedback added so much to the video and improved it no end, without it, the video would be very different. 

4. During the project we used technologies such as final cut, photoshop and blogger, these programs assisted us in designing, researching and creating our media products. We used final cut to edit our footage and link it with the song. It was incredibly useful for matching the lip syncing as it enables one to mark out in the song where the lyrics come in so it can be matched with the lip syncing in the footage. The internet assisted us in the research and inspiration for the video, it offers a wide range of research materials, including videos, images and written information which we displayed on blogger. Blogger clearly displays all the research the group have done as well as all of the other media groups, so is useful for referral to information and inspiration from other blogs. 
         I felt using final cut was limiting in some ways as it holds back creative flair due to the boundaries of what is actually achievable with the technology.               

Monday, 29 November 2010

Monopoly Money

The idea of having the monopoly money instead of real money is a way of showing that the government is so greedy and only care about money. But to the public it is worthless and mearly paper. it goes well with the lyrics 'no matter who you vote for, the government always win' meaning whether the general public have a say or not, the government will always get their way.

Emily's Evaluation of Magazine advert

The images used on the advert I felt was very well taken by Alice, the composition and depth of field is very good and effective. We came up with the idea as a group and each put in input and shared ideas.

I edited it on photoshop by fiddleing with the hue/saturation feature and made the colours brighter and bolder, this would draw more attention to it and make it stand out. I chose not to put much information on the poster because I thought the picture says it all, it shows props that we used in our video and a similar location. So because the image is so strong i didnt want to over crowd it with text. Alice and I both do photography and the image uses many good techniques that we learn about, for example, it uses the rule of thirds this adds to a very strong composition. It also uses a small depth of field which makes the background out of focus, this makes the audience consentrate on what it is the foreground but then it leads their eye back into the image so they really get a good look at the whole thing.

I decided to put the album name in the middle as it is called 'under the fog' it is positioned underneath the horizon line which i thought was very apropriate. the band name is at the top in the light blue sky and as the text is black it contrasts and stands out when up against the light sky so it is easily seen. The crutial information is at the bottom in small print so it is out of the way and doesnt disturb the image too much. The font used is the same as the digipak which adds continuity and so people asociate it with the king blues and recagnise it. (I will not write too much as I mentioned much of the Advert analysis in my digipak evaluation).

Overall I feel that the advert is very eye catching and effective, it is memorable and unique which is what we wanted and i am very proud of the work that my group and I have produced.

Emily's Evaluation of digi-pak

I felt that the digi-pak overall was very good, I liked how the front and back contrast each other with use of colour. I edited the front cover image on photoshop and Matt did the text on the whole thing and the back of the digi-pak. Firstly, I changed the image to black and white by going to image then the black and white tool, it is good because photoshop enables you to fiddle around with the contrast and brightness of the tonality and so me and Matt agreed on having it be very contrasting and have sharp edges as we thought this was very eye catching and bold and would stand out on a shelf. The mask is the only thing in colour as this is a vital prop within our music video, i achieved this by creating a new layer, then using the magnetic lazzo tool and drawing around the mask, I then went onto select then inverse and hit then back space on the key board. I then copied and pasted the mask into the new layer (baring in mind that the mask is infact in colour because I hadnt yet changed the image to black and white.) After pasteing it into the new layer i changed it into black and white. I then went onto the layer with the mask on it, clicked on 'image' - 'hue/saturation' and it came up with another little window where i could fiddle with the different colours making it brighter etc. I made the mask brighter to again add boldness and make it more eye catching and to stand out in the image.

I think it is good that we had a group member on the front cover because as well as the bold title showing the consumers who they are and they are also able to identify the famous person on the front cover. The font used was the same as the one used in the advert, I felt it would be good to keep a continuous look as it becomes more recognisable to the consumers and it is also a font we had as an idea in our previeous research. I like it because its bold and it is in capitals so very eye catching.

I think the image is simple yet effective on both sides as they are both very much asociated with our final music video. One thing I think we could have improved on was the spine of the Digi-pak as I think it is a bit plain and wouldnt jump out at you when on a shelf or rack etc. I like the way the text on the front cover fits into the picture, the words get bigger as the space gets bigger around Matts head. The photography was done by Alice, I thought she did a brilliant job. The angles on the digi-pak were effective and the composition and depth of field on the advert is also very eye catching and effective.

I would have liked to have planned more time to do the digi pak and advert but I think we were so court up in trying to make the video as perfect as possible we didnt get an ideal amount of time to consentrate on the two other pieces of work. Dispite this I think the group did a lot of research on both of these topics and therefore we didnt get stuck and had lots of ideas that we each contributed and managed to get them done quickly.


13T1-34 Music DVD Cover

Magazine Advert

13T1-34 Music Magazine Advert

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Back of the digi pack


We decided to use this image for the back of our digi-pack as it is a bright and eye catching picture. The other pictures that were taken were not as good as this one as you could see the table in some of them which i feel ruined the picture as it didn't look as professional. As we have used monopoly money it is in keeping with the theme of the music video, not taking things to seriously.

Chosen image for magazine advert


This was our chosen final image that we are going to use for our magazine advert. We felt it was the strongest because of the composition of the masks and money in the foreground and also because on many of the other similar images the horizon line is very slanted and wasn't a straight horizontal line. The landscape images we found were quite strong but we thought the composition of the foreground wasn't as strong. Also we thought that it would be harder to edit it on photoshop as our digi pak is portrait so it would be easier to start with a portrait instead of having to crop it and enlarge it.
We chose to have our props as the main feature of the image as they are colourful and eye catching and many band posters in shops are of the band so to make ours unique it would be good to change the usual conventions of a band advert. The depth of field is very small so the band members in the background are out of focus, this keeps most attention on the foreground but also leads your eye back into the image so the consumers are able to see everything in the image and not just concentrate on one feature.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

photoshoot 2 for digi pak
















Sketched ideas for digi pak



These pictures were drawn by Alice, we all pitched in our ideas and came up with these for a final idea.

photos for our digi pak shoot 1

























Some of these images are a lot weaker than others, we decided to take another shot of the photos of the two people in the far background as we felt we could make these stronger by adding another person to it so they are more noticable and your eye is lead back into the image.

Monday, 22 November 2010


possible fonts to use when doing our digipak and advert:

1.This font is simple but is good because it is the font that is used by newpapers and as our music video and song has a very political message, this (or one like it) would be ideal because it connects nicely with our video.

Picture 3

Institutional information

The bands myspace address, the band also has an official website For the bands past two albums two record labels have been involved in the making Island records and Field recordings. All of these will be included in our magazine advert so that fans can visit the sites and keep up to date with everything that is going on with the band.


Ideas for the tracklistings

1. Taking over
2. Losing control
3. Time
4. Off the wall
5. Letting go
6. Power
7. Under the fog
8. Sound of revolt
9. Duck and cover
10 We aint never done
11 Getting out of here

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Alices analysis of a student digipak

GROUP 08 Music DVD Cover
This is also by the same group as the magazine ad I analyzed. This one is slightly better, it terms of colour and fitting in with the video and keeping to the digipak conventions. Although It also looks rather ameteur in terms of the images, the writing and the titles.
Digipak conventions:
-It includes the name of the artist, though

Student magazine advert analysis

student Magazine Advert

This magazine advert has most of the conventions that a magazine advert should have for example the name of the artist, reviews of the album, picture of the artist and a website address that fans can visit. However it is missing some vital information such as the record label branding.
 I think that this advert is good in terms of the infromation given and the pictue used of the artist but i dont like the colours used in the advert i think they dont compliment each other and look like they were thrown together quickly without much thought, the background texture isnt very good either as it makes the release date hard to read. The image that has been used is good as it gives the audience a good view of the artist and also gives the audience a clue as to what genre the music is.

alices analysis of a students magazine advert

GROUP 08 Music Magazine Advert copy.psd 1
This is a magazine ad from one of last years groups. They did a rather dreamy, romantic, indie-rock song. The video, I thought worked very well, and the mise en scene was thought about in depth, It included a girl walking around fields in a red dress with black converse on, swinging on a tyre swing etc.
However the magazine ad lacks these genre characteristics and the basic key elements of a magazine ad:

-It has the name of the band/ artist at the top of the image, although it is in the same font, size and colour so doesn't jump out at you or stand out from the rest, it sinks into the background of faded black and white.
-It also has the name of the album under the title, but again, it doesn't stand out very well and you have to squint to actually be able to read it.
- It includes a release date but it is also very small and hard to read
-It includes a website of where to obtain the video, but it is small and unclear
- There are no reviews or ratings of teh album
-There is two small record label logos in the bottom left hand side of the ad
-It does have an image of the artist, though she is not wearing the clothes she wore in the video, so not fitting in with the mise en scene. The face of the artists is also obscured by the light so it could really be anyone. The only manipulation to the image is that it is in black and white, but this, instead of enhancing the image, actually makes it rather dull and unclear. It would have been more effective if they either enhanced the saturation of the colour, or still had it in black and white but turned up the contrast.

Overall, I can't really find anything positive about the advert, it is incredibly amateur looking and dull, the pose is boring, the colours are all wrong, the title doesn't stand out and neither does any of the other writing or the picture, it is blurry and boring. The one positive I can say is that it feels quite relaxed and  innocent as does the video.

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